AUTUMN-21rst October to 20th December

Element- METAL

Colour- Silver/Grey

Organs-Lungs & Large Intestine



Thoughts-Valuing yourself

Emotions- Grief/Fulfilled

Autumn in Scotland can be a spectacle of colour, where the leaves turn from green to golds, rose, bronze, and oranges, just like the precious metals we love in jewellery.

Natures firework display in slow motion for all to see and enjoy for free.

In Seasonal Yoga we align with the Seasonal energy from the 5 Element healing theory from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each Season has an essence, a feel, a colour, organs & meridians, foods.

The weather becomes cold and dry and its our skin that feels the change in the environment first, time to wrap up warm, gloves/scarves/hats. Looking after our skin with body brushing, moisturising, hair masks, salt baths should become part of our weekly routine to help reverse the effects of the weather.

Our Lungs and Large Intestine in Traditional Chinese Medicine are the organs in Autumn, because these two organs have to work the hardest in this Season, the lungs inhale the air from outside, so cold & dry weather can chill and dry us from the inside all the way out to the skin. To help keep your drinks and food warm and moist. Things like ginger tea, stews and the Scots favourite soup.

Autumn is know as the Season of "Letting Go", as we exhale we let go of carbon dioxide & toxins, the Intestines also let go, waste the by products that our body has no use of anymore. The Chinese say that all Physical/Emotional/Mental issues are one. If you have a physical illness, the cause could be related to an emotion or a negative thought pattern in the mind. We are what we think, when we are happy we are seldom ill and vice versa.

So "Letting Go" of negativity and old toxic stuff, memories from the past is our way forward to clearing a path to a brighter happier healthier future.

Things like tightness in the chest, shoulders, neck, headaches, clenching teeth, shortness of breath are some of the signs of